Meal Plan 9/25-10/1

Sunday Breakfast-donuts at church Lunch-we all did our own thing today Dinner-Subway Monday Breakfast-Banana Bread Lunch-Subway (okay, so we had a busy weekend and I needed to grocery shop…) Dinner-Chili Tuesday Breakfast-banana bread, sausage, eggs Lunch-Chili Dinner-Pot Roast, mashed potatoes, green beans Wednesday Breakfast-waffles Lunch-leftovers, peach cobbler Dinner-Corn Chowder, Popovers Thursday Breakfast-Popovers with jam or… Read More Meal Plan 9/25-10/1

Meal Plan 9/11-9/17

Sunday Breakfast-Donuts at church Lunch-Luncheon at church Dinner-Frozen Pizza and leftover wings from Saturday-we give up on Sunday nights and watch a lot of football. Monday Breakfast-Vegetable Omelets Lunch-Leftovers from luncheon at church Dinner-Homemade Chicken Soup Tuesday Breakfast-GF Waffles Lunch-Homemade Chicken Soup or leftovers from Sunday lunch Dinner-Chicken Alfredo with Peas (check out our recipe for… Read More Meal Plan 9/11-9/17