Frugal Friday-Five Fave Frugal Websites

There are a gazillion and one frugal websites out there…simply google “frugal” “frugal lifestyle” “frugal living” “living on a budget”, Even things like “homesteading”, “living simply”, “DIY” and “stockpiling” tag words will bring up a plethora of sites to choose from. There are frugal travel sites, frugal shopping sites, frugal anything. Google is a wealth… Read More Frugal Friday-Five Fave Frugal Websites

Frugal Friday-Find and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Part of living simply, living frugally is to look for ways to reduce, reuse and recycle normal, everyday things, reduce energy consumption, use earth’s resources minimally, reuse what we already have, restore what was old to become new again. There are many frugal things to do and be mindful of when thinking of our resources… Read More Frugal Friday-Find and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint