Choosing Joy-Our book

Choosing Joy chronicles our story of miscarriage and pregnancy loss, how we found Jesus in the midst of it and chose to live with joy on the other side of grief.

If you or someone you know is going through loss and needs a understanding voice, please share the link with them, or better yet….pick up a book from Amazon and give it to them.

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Choosing Joy is 136 pages, softcover and sells for 12.99.

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Get a sneak peak and read our story here.

What others are saying:

“Grab the tissue box when you read this beautifully written story about Chrystal Smallwood’s experience with pregnancy loss. Any writer knows one of the most difficult things about writing is knowing where to start a story — how much background information to reveal in the beginning of the book vs revelations throughout. Chrystal did it perfectly her first time out. She allows her readers to gain insight into just how devastating pregnancy loss can be, by revealing a determined little girl holding fast to her childhood dreams as she grows into a woman. Faith is the key in this story — a deep-seeded faith that grows as Chrystal faces several traumatic experiences. This is a must-read, not only for anyone who has suffered a pregnancy loss, but anyone who may need a faith-boost. The story shows how life can go full-circle, just not the way one plans it.”P.R. Garlick

“I laughed. I cried. It was an amazing picture of choosing joy over bitterness through the power of the Lord. I think the author did an awesome job. I will highly recommend this book.” Amazon Customer

“If you know someone who can relate to her story go spend some money.” Fred B., Pastor

“Ordered- shipped- received- read!! Cried-laughed- smiled- praised- prayed and understood . What a wonderful testament and story of life!” Laura

“Be sure to pick one up today for yourself or someone you know who might be dealing with loss.” R. Smith, Pastor

“My soul was cleansed after reading this!” Cathy M.

“Heartbreaking, funny and very interesting. Hated when I got to the last page , wishing for more.”- Sandy, Amazon Customer