Jeremy and Chrystal are both ordained ministers in the Nazarene Denomination.  Jeremy has an MA is Christian Education, currently serves our church as Sr. Pastor, loves to backpack, is crazy about music and is a volunteer firefighter going on 25 years of service. Chrystal is currently a stay at home, home educating, pastor’s wife mom who keeps her hands in all kinds of ministry and activity.

We are a gardening growing, simple living adventure seeking ministry family who loves adventure, travel, camping, hiking, exploring quaint towns and neighborhoods, celebrating and hosting anyone at (almost) anytime.  We watch way too much I Love Lucy and can often be found browsing bookstores for hours on end.

This is our life.

We believe life can be lived and, in fact, incredibly fulfilling living simply. We believe that food and meals and parties don’t have to cost a fortune to be healthy and tasty. We love cooking from scratch (except for Tator Tots…we like Tator Tots fresh out of the freezer section),  and believe God gave us this Creation to enjoy.  We aim to be good stewards of our time, and energy. We don’t take ourselves to seriously and love to have a good belly laugh on a regular basis.

Anna and Kaitlyn are our kids who go along with whatever crazy adventure we can come up with.

Daisy is our dog with entitlement issues and whom we can’t imagine doing life without.

We love having people in our home and we’d love just as much for you to visit us on the blog! Please feel at home here. We’re glad to have you on the journey.



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