The Real, Raw, Honest Truth About Us

The title of this post could also be:

  1. No, no I really do cook!
  2. Criticism from the Hill (you know who you are…)
  3. You must think I don’t cook, but I really do!
  4. Kids cannot live on real food forever.
  5. The truth comes out

Insert humiliation every. single. time. I go to buy fast food at The Hill…and have to convince the cashiers that I really do cook despite having a blog that promotes real food and home cooking.

Here is the honest, real, raw truth in The Parsonage.. Ready?…we don’t always eat real food. And when the kids say “Hey, I’ve got money can you go buy me food at Turkey Hill? Since you’re going out anyway….” I go! Because my babies….

And they get this:

Despite the fact that Jeremy and I ate this for lunch..Tuscan Soup


and despite the fact that we HAVE food in the house…the kids HAD to have fast food.

Also, on Sundays mom hardly cooks, so they get a LOT of Turkey Hill.

Me? Totally owning it.

This one’s for T and C…you know who you are….:)

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