Baking Soda-Your Kitchen’s Best Friend

This will be a quick, helpful hint sort of post about the benefits of using baking soda as a cleaner for tough stains on kitchen surfaces. A little baking soda, a little water and potentially a lot of elbow grease and your kitchen counter stains will be lifted.

Why were my surfaces so messy? Because a better person would have put down newspapers before letting their kids and friends dye eggs for Easter. But we aren’t afraid of messy and a little hard work! Check out our Easter Egg Dye post here!

This is what my mom and I have used for a long time, and truthfully…she uses it more at my house than I do….somehow she finds all the little spots that need removing.

And if I’m more honest…she’s better at it than me…and….I kinda don’t hate it….;)

But here it goes…complete with pictures….

Make a baking soda paste, using as much or as little soda as you want, adding water to it little by little. Place it over the stain and scrub. It’ll work.

It should work.

It works for me.

Here’s what you need: Baking soda, a sponge and water.


Here’s the table and counter before….



Sprinkle the baking soda, soak your sponge, and make a paste right on the counter.


Start scrubbing. As you scrub you’ll see the colors begin to be lifted and soaked into the baking soda.

Replace baking soda and water as often as you need until the stain is removed from the surface. DSC_0074


After an undetermined amount of time…you’ll have this…


and this…

Happy Cleaning!!


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