Sausage! Homemade Recipe

3 days ago:

Hey, did we happen to get a picture of the sausage after it was cooked?

Nope.  I ate it.

Okay. We’ll just cook more and get another one.


Hey, does anyone want sausage?


Good, I’ll get a picture of it.

Did I get a picture? Nope. I didn’t get a picture. It was eaten again before I remembered to take a picture. So, as much as pictures of raw meat are awful to look at, what I’m posting here are multiple pictures of raw meat.

For Christmas Jeremy gave me Kitchen Aid Food Grinder attachment. I’ve used it for vegetables, but this week was the first time we used it for meat. Jeremy and K love sausage and bacon. Anna does not. I am allergic to it, so….

In the continual journey of self sufficiency, while we can’t raise our own pigs, we certainly can buy good meat and make our own sausage. Awesomely…all of the herbs we needed for sausage making were already in our pantry from this summer’s herb garden!

Read a post here from a couple of years ago about drying herbs. We’ve since started using a dehydrator, but we still grow and use all of our own herbs!

For this sausage recipe we used 

1 lb thawed pork (the more fat the better), sliced thinly

1 tbsp each of thyme, sage, brown sugar and rosemary

1 tsp each of garlic powder and red pepper flakes (make your own!)

A sprinkle of salt and pepper

Add all of these ingredients to a bowl and let sit or at least an hour in the refrigerator.

After the hour is over, piece by piece put the mixture through your food grinder. We first used a grinder with larger holes, then put the mixture through again, using a grinder with smaller holes.

When all of the meat is ground, shape it into patties and cook! They can stay in the frig for a week or in the freezer, wrapped well, for three months.









Now imagine them cooked. And forgive the amounts of pictures of raw meat.


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