Be Still-Daily Devotional

Quiet, uninterrupted intentional time to sit.

In an ever increasing busy world rarely do we make time to be still. To consciously observe life around us. To listen to the wind and spot the slightest movement. To take advantage of a quiet moment and close our eyes. To shut the tv and the radio off and let our souls heal from the noise. To remember our blessings in a slow, thankful manner.

Our world happens so quickly, it’s easy to get lost in it. All the news I want can be found in seconds on the internet. Virtually any movie or show I want to see can be found with a quick look online. Texts get conversations done and questions asked with little personal touch. I know, I’m guilty of it.

This week J and I sat by the outdoor fire in 19 degree weather, bundled up with warm drinks. This week I sat in a dark, quiet room simply to enjoy the moment. This week we had a quiet Christmas and simply enjoyed each other.

This new year? My heart’s desire? It’s found in the Psalms and the Book of Revelation:

Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10

All of heaven was silent for half an hour.-Revelation 8:1

Life will continue if we take a few moments to be still. It doesn’t seem like will, but it does. Don’t just drink the tea, enjoy it. Don’t just make the food, take time and put love into it. Look people in the eye. Spend time in Scripture, contemplate the words, and pray over them.

Be still and sit with quiet souls, loving the life around us.


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