Homemade Gift Letters

I love a good homemade, heartfelt gift. Whether its from my kids or a loaf of homemade bread from someone’s kitchen. If it’s made with love, I will love it.

This season is a little different for us and homemade gifts aren’t as plentiful as they sometimes are. Not too many homemade gifts will come from our home this year, but we still love and appreciate both giving and receiving them.

A personalized letter for someone is a cute gift for a child’s bedroom or nursery. In the making of this gift for a friend, we used the first initial of the friend’s first name, with her favorite colors and a touch of country by adding burlap.

We bought a plain letter M from a local craft store, and the yarn was purchased with the recipient in mind. On the back of the letter M are brackets for hanging, though this would easily sit on top of a bureau or shelf so brackets wouldn’t be needed.

To make this letter you simply need spray adhesive, plain letter (with or without hanging bracket) and yarn. Add whatever embellishment you like, in our case we had burlap at home and made a flower (layered and sewn together with a knotted yarn center).

Decide what pattern you’d like before beginning to glue the yarn around the letter. Having a practice run before you spray any adhesive is a good idea. This way you’ll have a chance to see how to wrap it so it looks best, and see where the yarn needs to be placed.

To make this letter simply unwind a good length of yarn and spray a portion of the letter. Just spray a section that you’ll be working on. Spraying the entire letter will make it difficult to handle, but also the spray will dry too quickly. When wrapping the yarn, wrap quickly and tightly (you may need a second person to help) before the adhesive dries and hold it until it holds it’s own place. Handle the letter gently so not to mess the yarn.

When the entire letter is wrapped, add whatever embellishments you like and let the whole thing set.

You’ll notice I didn’t wrap the very bottom of the M. We left ours plain, but a simple color of paint would be okay to use. Wrapping that portion will be difficult and would likely not stay well resting on a shelf. If this were to be hung in a way to see the bottom, you’d want to make sure it was covered. We did wrap the top of the M. It was difficult, but worth  covering to give it a finished look.

This isn’t a craft that can be made quickly and given away. It needs time to set before packaging. Planning ahead for this will be important.

These would be perfect in a little girls nursery..pinks, yellows, purples. As many colors of yarn and letter there are…the options are endless!

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