November: Broken and Blessed

I seriously don’t know how November went by so fast. I feel like I was just planning our October Trunk or Treat event and boom-we’re looking at the end of November. In an odd turn of events, most of my Christmas shopping was done in October. This year shopping feels like just a check of the list to get done, so the fact that it was done in October leaves me to just shop for my girls, which will be tons of fun.

They told me life would go faster once the kids became teenagers.

I didn’t believe them.

But they were right.

This month started out strong, then took a turn on us, meaning our plans didn’t exactly happen the way we planned but in the midst of the broken parts of November, the blessed parts of November never fail to amaze me.

Anna had a riding accident last week-falling from a horse and landing on her head. It’s no one’s fault, horses are horses with a will and a mind of their own. She’s ridden this horse before, it just happened. We spent last Monday night in the ER of one hospital and then were transported to the Trauma Unit in another, bigger hospital. Two broken places in her back and a neck brace for 4-6 weeks (but she reminded me last night, it’s down to 3-5 weeks!). While it’s painful and requires a change in our daily routine for a few weeks, and school was put on hold for a week, we are thankful it wasn’t more severe of an accident.

All in all November has been good. Intense but good.

  • We started another No Spend Month, which you can read about here, and was successful for a couple of weeks until Anna’s accident
  • While I haven’t talked about it much, my dad was diagnosed with Stage Four Liver Cancer about 8 months ago. He started a Go Fund Me Page to help with expenses and folks responded, to which we are grateful. Cancer is expensive.
  • We found a killer new Christmas Album. Check out Tenth Avenue North’s Decade the Halls Vol. 1, offering one song from each of the last few-ish decades.
  • I’m wanting to add a daily devotional to the blog. More to come.
  • I was reminded again how important community is, how having a tribe can make life that much better, regardless of the day.
  • We have been blessed in some tangible ways by that community.
  • We are generally on the giving end of emergencies, between pastoring and Jeremy’s role as an EMT/firefighter in the community. This month we have been on the receiving end of that same care from the same EMT’s and hospital chaplains he works with. It’s humbling.
  • We seriously didn’t know until mid week last week that Thanksgiving was this week. Every time I went to the grocery store I kept wondering why they had so much Thanksgiving type food out. I haven’t had a chance to even shop yet, but yesterday I took out applesauce, corn, pumpkin and zuchinni from the freezer to thaw for Thursday. That’s the extent of our Thanksgiving preparedness.
  • We’ve had some really cool ministry moments this month. Too many to write, honestly.

Those aren’t a lot of words, but all month I’ve been reminded of how God provides and is concerned with our comings and goings. For that,the words I’ve written and so much more I am thankful.




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