We Need Your Help

Remember in my post the other day, when I shared 10 Reasons to have a No Spend Season?   I mentioned in there, that there are many things we can and should say no to, but sometimes we need to let wisdom speak louder than our no. This is one of those times.

I haven’t shared via this blog, but my dad was diagnosed with incurable Stage 4 Liver Cancer a few months ago. It’s been taxing for him and my mom. He has chosen a natural healing treatment and so far he’s doing well and feeling well. We are trusting both God and the process, walking each day with faith. However, when push comes to shove, treatment is still treatment whether it’s natural or medical, and it costs money.  Along with the regular day in and day out bills of life, expenses are just adding up and becoming burdensome. God has been faithful in providing, but I think sometimes he also asks the community that is the world to give because it’s the human thing to do.


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life saving medical fund by Don Smith - GoFundMe

From my Dad: “In April of 2010, I was rushed to the hospital in early morning hours where we found I had a large cancerous tumor in my stomach that broke open and started bleeding. I lost 80 percent of my blood before the surgeon was able to operate to remove the tumor. For 5 days the medical world did not know whether or not I was going to live. I had a second surgery 5 months later to remove more of the cancer affected area which resulted in the total loss of 60 percent of my stomach. In 2013 the internal stitching in my stomach tore and I lost 70 percent of my blood before a surgeon could repair it. That was the second time I should have died but did not. These three issues with this cancer cost me $120,000, some of which are still outstanding. This past March my oncologist informed me that the cancer had traveled to my liver and I now have an incurable stage 4 liver cancer condition about which my Dr. has said nothing can be done.  I have had to start a cancer recovery program using all natural foods, supplements, and herbs. Because insurances will not cover these very expensive items I have had to choose to buy them at the expense of other things that are necessary for normal life or go without. I do not know how to cover all I have before me unless I get some help from those who are willing to contribute.”

My parents have worked hard, but right now they just need some extra finances and are asking for some help through Go Fund Me. 

If you are able, would you donate? Even $5.00. I know every penny of it will be used in a worthy manner. In advance, our family thanks you for helping.

Love and Thanks,


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