100 Free Or Cheap Things to Do this Month! #NoSpendNovember

It’s No Spend November so what to do, what to do? We’re listing 100 things you can do for FREE or at the very least super inexpensive. Have additional ideas? Let us know!

  1. Finish those books you’ve started
  2. Pull out some old cookbooks and see what recipes you can find and try
  3. Take some free online courses
  4. Discover a new State Park
  5. Pinterest Party! Invitees bring a craft to work on or a dish to share.
  6. Purge your house of unwanted items
  7. Rake those leaves and jump in!
  8. At home movie night with “homemade” popcorn
  9. Give some old furniture a fresh look with a new coat of paint
  10. Finish an unfinished project
  11. Host a neighborhood potluck
  12. Start a journal
  13. Host a Friendsgiving
  14. Collect and deliver used (but in good condition) blankets and jackets to shelters
  15. Reorganize the kitchen drawers
  16. Take a morning walk-there’s nothing like fresh morning air to remember you’re alive
  17. Sip a hot drink, taking a long time to sit and enjoy
  18. Give the house a good cleaning
  19. At Home Game night!
  20. Attend a free community event
  21. Visit a new library
  22. Make cookies and deliver to the local emergency service staff
  23. Play dates!
  24. Take your family on a fall scavenger hunt
  25. Make an overdue phone call
  26. Get the finances in order
  27. Begin working on homemade Christmas gifts
  28. Freshen the curtains and household linens
  29. Refresh the garage shelves
  30. Give the yard a cleaning before the winter months
  31. Join a local choir
  32. Paint a picture
  33. Have a silly family photo shoot
  34. Karaoke!
  35. Check out local universities for free concerts
  36. Visit the state museum, often these will be free or discounted prices
  37. Use up scrap wood and make crafts
  38. Plant bulbs in the garden (and do a quick fall yard clean up!)
  39. Speaking of garden…..it’s never too early to begin planning for next year!
  40. Choose a random topic and learn something new.
  41. Do something spontaneous!
  42. Have an at home date.
  43. Volunteer at a local shelter or soup kitchen
  44. Take an online spiritual gifts survey 
  45. Bird watch
  46. Learn to counter cross stitch
  47. Find a new cafe
  48. Visit a Jazz Club
  49. Learn a new instrument
  50. Take a nap!!!!!
  51. Write a love note
  52. Not free-but close, buy a new pair of pajamas and toss the old ones
  53. Ditch the diet for a day
  54. Make neck warmers with old socks, rice and essential oils
  55. Give yourself an at home facial
  56. Wear fuzzy socks
  57. Start writing that book you’ve thought about for years
  58. Organize your pictures
  59. Clean your computer up
  60. Carve out some alone time
  61. Exercise
  62. Photo opp in the woods
  63. Build a wooden bench
  64. Make a leaf and dried flower bouquet from nature
  65. Decorate with earthy goods-pumpkins, corn stalks, gourds
  66. Get a head start on Christmas cards
  67. Vote!
  68. Make homemade Hot Chocolate
  69. Make Caramel Corn
  70. Invite friends over for…just because! or soup! or potluck! Laugh like you mean it.
  71. Settle down for a real conversation
  72. Make homemade applesauce
  73. Memorize a favorite passage of poetry, scripture, or a speech
  74. Learn a new word per day
  75. Wear wild socks to work
  76. Sleep in
  77. Thrift store a new seasonal sweater, not free, but close!
  78. Catch a movie matinee
  79. Host a clothing exchange with friends
  80. Charlie Brown Thanksgiving!
  81. Read any piece of literature with a British accent
  82. Organize the shed
  83. Winterize the boats and bikes
  84. Make homemade chapsticks
  85. Clean out the purse or wallet
  86. Bundle up around the fire pit
  87. Study a map and day dream for future trips
  88. Make cinnamon ornaments
  89. Clean the car
  90. Watch a classic movie
  91. Make a batch of classic sugar cookies and cut into fall shapes
  92. Watch for deer or other wildlife
  93. Take a bubble bath
  94. Learn to make kombucha
  95. Write a thank you note
  96. Not free, but close: buy some spray paint and freshen your household registers with a new coat of paint
  97. Hike, hike, hike
  98. Take advantage of any memberships you have already paid for
  99. Use up those gift cards for a day or night on the town!
  100. Tell the people around you love them. If nothing else on this list matters, that one does.

If these aren’t enough for you check out The Ultimate Fall Family List of 100 Things (fall specific) To Do!

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