No Spend November

Beginning in a just a couple of days The Smallwood Parsonage is embarking on a No Spend November! Please join us as we share ideas, thoughts, budgeting tips and other ideas for simple living.

Suggestions or questions or ideas you’d like to learn more about? Please leave them in the comments!


    1. Good question. It’s scary the first time to go “no spend”, but honestly, it’s freeing. We do it a couple of times per year. It’s a refocusing point for us and gets us away from dependence on material things. We stick to our budget very closely, spending what we need to spend on bills, etc. We limit trips in the car(even repeated trips to the grocery store), don’t spend any spontaneous money (snacks, drinks,etc just because, however if the kids want a snack they can buy it with their own money). We really focus on using what foods we have in the cupboards and freezer, only adding the groceries we honestly need to make a meal rather than spend more on groceries. We try and replace spent time where we would spend money, and do something free-game night, walks, hobbies at home, free movies from home or Netflix (a bill we already pay). I’ll be sure to outline all of it more in November!


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