Camping. Also, Daisy Hates Camping.

You know those days when, as a parent…

Correction: You know those days when, as a stay at home, homeschooling parent….

New correction: You know those days when, as a mom, who stays at home and homeschools her kids…gets to the much needed, can’t come too soon, end of the school year and then realizes her summer is almost already planned with things she didn’t necessarily plan but life planned for her and then mom’s stress level is pushing 10 on the Happy Mom Chart and mom realizes she’s not super happy and is about to pop?

We know those days.

So we camp.

We make a reservation, throw the tents in the car, buy some food, pack the packs, toss some work in, load the kayaks and chairs and matches and we camp.

We’ve done it so much we have our methods that work and packing happens fast. Dad gets gear by the car, loads the kayaks, while the girls pack their packs. Mom packs the food, while girls keep her accountable for things like hot chocolate and marshmallows and tea and water. Mom packs her pack, while Dad finishes gear ready-ing. Mom packs the car. Dad packs his pack. Everybody in. Dog loves car ride. Dog hates camping.

When we arrive at our site, we  unload the car-gear goes on the picnic table-, and begin to set up the tents, which really means that we let Dad set up the tents, while we make sure the drinks are cold and the chips are fresh.

What is it about camping that makes me want to drink cold tea and eat chips? 

Dad recruits us to help set up the tents. Mom sets up the food table.Girls set up the lawn chairs, then onto setting up the sleeping bags.

It’s been this way for 15 years. 

The fire gets started, and if all goes well, will remain hot for the remainder of our time in the woods. We sit around the campfire, read books, eat food, drink tea and do whatever we wish for the next few days.

And the dog hates it.

Miss Daisy doesn’t like laying in dirt.

Nor does Miss Daisy like pottying anywhere near anyone. She needs her privacy.

Miss Daisy will ask to be put in the tent in mid-day so she can sleep on soft sleeping bags.

Miss Daisy isn’t a fan of sleeping outside at night.

By Day 3 Miss D starts to get suspicious of bugs, noises, shivers, rattles, birds, and all other moving creatures anywhere near our campsite. Her eyes get shifty and her behavior a bit reactionary. She longs to be invited into the car in hopes to leave. To go anywhere. Anywhere but where she is. She sleeps in, retreats for naps, steals space on our sleeping bags in the night.

Dog hates it. But Mom didn’t explode.

And for that we are all thankful.

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She can’t even.


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