To The Lady On The Motorcycle, Thank You For Being You.

I wanted to put my car in park today, hop out of my driver’s door, walk to the side of the motorcycle where you were sitting at the stop sign, with who appeared to be your husband, waiting for traffic to slow so you could make a left turn. If I had been brave enough, though it wouldn’t have been smart, I wanted to say hello and tell you thank you for being you. 

I wasn’t planning on coming up behind you. I took a different route home so I could stop at the Post Office. When I came to the end of the street there you were. I’ve never seen you in town before, but you were there at just the right time.

You, with your white blonde mow-hawk and pink highlights. You, with your rings on every finger, and big, chunky bracelets on both wrists. You with your skinny, rolled up jeans, boots and tank top. You with your tattoos…up your arms and on the part of your back we could see.

I was sitting in my car with three young ladies.  All of us agreeing that we liked you already. We were watching you. We needed to see someone own herself and rock her world. 

I believe with my whole heart that it was a divine moment.

What caught our attention? It wasn’t just you, thought it was totally and completely you…it was the tattoo between your shoulder blades, just above your shirt’s neck line that said:

“I can do all things through Christ.” Philippians 4:13

I had three young ladies who needed to see evidence that there are many versions of Jesus followers. I had two young ladies in the car who will likely follow their own path, do life in their own way,  who I’m praying will fall deeply in love with Jesus and be used by Him to rock their worlds for Him. They needed to see that it’s okay to live life out loud. That being yourself is good. Today they saw an example of a women in love with Jesus who had tattoos and cool hair and Scripture permanently on her being-not your average church lady.

You had one mom watching you who has an inner you in her soul. One mom who is trying to raise and mentor teenage girls to love Jesus and be spectacular and to know who they are in light of Jesus’ love and mercy. One mom who some days feels like she has one foot in traditional church culture and one foot in left in the world of 1980’s punk culture, and some days feels like she doesn’t exactly know who she is.  Perhaps this mom needed you as much as these girls needed you.

Either way, friend, I wish I could meet you and thank you and get to know you. I’d love to sit and listen to you and hear the things that Jesus has given you strength to do. Maybe we’ll have another divine meeting one day.

In the mean time: To The Lady on the Motorcycle with a mow-hawk, pink stripes, and tattoos, thank you for being you.


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