So when are your girls done school?

I get asked that question frequently by lots of amounts of people.

Because we homeschool, not year round homeschool, just regular school year homeschool, we should be done early. Yes. We should.

Normally getting done a month early…like Beginning of May, mid May is perfectly do-able. But these darn kids decided they wanted to keep growing and now they’re finishing 9th and 7th grades and the work is harder, which means it takes longer, which means that because they STILL want to be done earlier than Brick and Mortar Schools they are busting butt to finish.

I have one child who shall remain nameless, but she’s the one finishing 9th grade, who is perhaps the most goal oriented person in our entire family. When she sets a goal the goal gets met. Her goal is to finish school by Saturday. That means we have FOUR DAYS to finish Algebra II and Biology. Do I need to remind anyone that it’s been a number of years since I’ve taken either of those classes?

Despite not having taken either of those classes for a long time, I also get to work hard on Algebra II,. Biology, English, Social Studies and 7th grade math.

Our days have been wiped clear of any. other. commitment. so we can aim at getting school done ASAP.

This has led me to the days of first time mother-hood. You know the days right after you bring the baby home and think you’re going to have all kinds of time in the world to be pretty, keep your house clean, go back to work and feel good about yourself only to find out the baby needs baby things and wants to eat every 4 1/2 minutes and poop every 7 minutes? The days where just getting out of bed and getting the baby to sleep is the accomplishment? The days that you realize showering is overrated? Those days are alive and well no matter what age the kids are.

Which leads me to this confession: I don’t think getting dressed for the day in a legit outfit or showering first thing in the morning is the ONLY option for the end of the year home school moms who JUST WANT TO BE DONE ALREADY. 

Because surely those cut off yoga pant shorts from 10-ish years ago are still in style right? Paired with a tank top, which is then covered with a long-sleeved green and white striped shirt and the outfit is almost complete.

Throwing one’s hair up in the grandfather of the Messybun movement is the #1 scientifically proven sign of a 40 year old mother doing Algebra II who hasn’t done said school subject for 25 stinking years and probably has little business doing it, but because she wants her kid to graduate high school she takes one for the team and re-learns Algebra II.

So we sit on the couch, for hours, because couch sitting is semi-legit clothing is much more conducive to learning hard subjects then sitting at a wanna-be desk that doubles as the dining room table, and learn Algebra II and both secretly and not so-secretly voice our opinion that we are very ready for school to be over.

Because homeschoolers want summer just as much as anyone.

Except their moms. They want summer WAAAAY more than the kids.

(p.s. the picture of Daisy has little to do with this post, other than the fact that she too, sits on the couch all day and thinks showering is overrated.)


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