Black Bean Salad-Recipe

DSC_0328 (1)

We are on Week Two of Plant Based Eating. You can check out Week One’s recipes and meal plan here. Black bean salads are yumma, but I needed to make one this week with no sugar, no corn, no anything but veggies.

I hunted the internet and found some I liked then tossed this one together this morning for lunch.


1 avocado, just under ripe, bite sized. (The ripe one was a bit too soft for mixing in.)

1 large green pepper, diced very small

1 medium tomato, diced very small

2 cans rinsed black beans, (I used our own soaked beans.)

juice of one half lemon

2 tbsp Olive Oil

dash of sea salt

To Do: 

Add all vegetables and bean to a bowl, adding the avocado last.

Add oil, lemon juice and salt. Stir well. Serve Cold.



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