What a Week of Plant Based Eating Looks Like.

We have embarked on a plant based eating plan, plus a few eggs here and there. It’s not nearly as daunting a task to 1) cook or 2) eat as it has seemed until this point. It’s a meal plan we’ve tossed around in our minds, but could never quite get the motivation to follow through with. We believe in it, believe in eating the foods the earth gives us-it hasn’t been a matter of not knowing how to cook basic foods, it was just us taking the leap into a new way of eating.

My dad has been diagnosed with cancer and he has changed to a plant based meal plan. They are visiting us for a couple of weeks, so we are eating all plant based meals.

Since it’s something Jeremy and I have wanted to do, but just haven’t, it’s been a good reason for us to jump-start eating a more plant-based diet.

What does a plant based cupboard or frig look like with no sugar and mostly organic?

Monday Dinner- This Mushroom and Walnut Spicy Bolognese from Cocoon Cooks was AMAZING! I wasn’t sure how the walnuts would be in it, but they finished the whole thing. Unless you’re allergic to nuts the walnuts are a must. We served the bolognese over baked spaghetti squash. 

Tuesday-Breakfast: oatmeal and fruit for the guys who had lunch out, waffles for my kiddos  Lunchegg salad with rice cakes, dandelion greens sauteed with onions and garlic in olive oil, and cantaloupe Dinner-Vegetable Stir Fry with brown rice. Snack-Yonanas made with frozen organic fruit


WednesdayBreakfast-oatmeal  Lunch-Leftovers from Monday and Tuesday dinners, plus a quick cabbage casserole without meat.  Dinner-it was my turn to make dinner for our Wednesday Night Bible Study at church so we had fried eggs, baked oatmeal (one option with maple syrup and one without), and fruit salad.

Thursday-My parents, girls and I spent the day on a trip to Longwood Gardens. My goodness, what a perfect day for a field trip, day away and spending time outside. The gardens are gorgeous..the tulips were out…I wanna live there…anyway…that’s another soon to come post. 🙂  We ate leftover baked oatmeal and bananas for breakfast, had lunch at the Gardens and had snacks of whatever for dinner at home. Here are pics of Kaitlyn’s and my lunches-

And here’s a sneak peak of our day at Longwood Gardens-


Friday-Breakfast-everyone on their own Lunch-baked sweet potatoes, roasted asparagus, cucumber tomato salad with olive oil, dried dill and sea salt. Dinner will be baked chicken and salad with hot veggies tonight at a retirement party for a friend.


Looking ahead to Saturday: Breakfastflourless banana pancakes, fruit Lunch-grilled vegetables, grilled cabbage steaks, black bean salad   Dinner-Roasted Stuffed Squash, tossed salad

Looking ahead to Sunday: Every man is for him or herself on Sunday mornings around here for breakfast on Sundays. Lunch will be a quick salad or leftovers.

Even Daisy Mae likes her fruit and veggies!


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