All-Natural Egg Dyes

We went with good old fashioned food coloring this year for our impromptu egg dying night. These natural colors take a little longer to prepare, but the colors are gorgeous.


Easter Egg decorating…one of those fave family traditions. I love Easter Egg Dye Day. There’s no better way to kick off  Spring Break than an afternoon of egg-dying. We used natural dyes from things we had around the house. The colors aren’t as vibrant as the artificial dyes, but I love the soft vintage look they each have. (check out an earlier post on Why We Are A Dye Free Family). The colors take a bit longer to become what you want, and the eggs take a bit longer to soak in the color, but a little extra time around the table watching your kids grow and watching the memories play in your head from 5, 10, 12 years ago….well, that makes the extra time not seem so extra.

DSC_0871 Beet juice, coffee, turmeric, kale juice, red purple cabbage juice, cranberries

For the colors:

1. Boiled Veggies: one red/purple…

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