Spinach Strawberry Salad

DSC_0005I was going to post this salad in about two months when spinach is fresh and strawberries are ripening, but seriously I can’t wait. I love this salad. It’s filling, fresh and all around has a pretty high yum factor. I discovered this salad at a church dinner many years ago and haven’t stopped eating it since.

We have always used store bought dressing for this salad, but my goal is to begin making our own fresh salad dressings, and when we do I’ll start using that.

As for now…for this salad you only need:

Two large handfuls of fresh baby spinach, any number of strawberries you like, (I like a lot), slivered, unsalted almonds and Raspberry Vinaigrette Salad Dressing. Optional items would be: mandarin orange slices, very thinly sliced red onions, blue cheese, crumbled bacon.

Simply lay a bed of spinach on a plate, place sliced strawberries on top. Next, add the almonds and just a bit of dressing.

It’s perfect! And even more perfecter if you have fresh spinach and strawberries. This is a great Farm to Table dish, or a cool spring or summer lunch.  Enjoy!




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