Winters Walk-Lehigh Gorge State Park

Our weather here in Central PA lately has been crazy. Hot, cold, warm, hottish, warmish, freezing, spring flowery, heavy jacket, light jacket, no jacket, flip flops, snow, scarves, arctic, tropical, rain, thunder storm, and back to warmish.  In that order. Sort of.

There’s not been any rhyme or reason to it, which has left us and the birds and the plants slightly confused and a lot sick with a side of cabin fever thrown in.

We took an afternoon/evening recently and headed to Lehigh Gorge State Park to go for a walk. It was quiet, blustery, warmish, beautiful, smelled like the woods and sounded like rushing water. Perfect.

We found waterfalls frozen in time, eagles soaring above, one lone kayaker pulling out of the water, lots of rocks to skip, paths to walk, mud to splat, foot prints to identify. LGSP is filled with adventure seekers during the warmer months and snow mobilers during the snowier months, but on this day it was just us.

Enjoy the pics.








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