Disclaimer: We are one of those families who throw birthday parties for the family dog.

But she’s so cute.

And cuddly.

And huggy.

And slightly entitled.

And overly unhinged when food is around.

And cute.

And doesn’t like laying on the floor.

And hates camping. it’s creepy and there’s no bed…

And cares less and less about personal space or using manners.

And she’s incredibly aware of the needs of her people.

And she has three BFF’s: Chris, David and Nathan. please note that none of them live in this house..

She’s my buddy and follows me all wherever I go.

She’s my void filler for another child. if she had long hair it’d be in ponytails every. day.

She LOVES presents, especially from her grandma in Maine. Or Jim and Heather. Or anybody.

So we threw her a birthday party. Because how many times does a person, dog, turn 8? Once people, just once.

Daisy’s newest fave treats are Seaweed and Brown Rice crackers. Don’t ask me why. Because believe me, they aren’t that great. But if you’re into drinking the ocean one teaspoon at a time, maybe you’d like these crackers. Last year’s cake for Daisy was Pupcakes. This year? Ice cream with Seaweed and Brown Rice crackers and bacon shoved into the top of it.

She wore a pink bow and we pulled out a pink plastic table cloth and cardboard Happy Birthday Sign from the party bin. It was a reg-u-lahr ole’ shin-dig.

First things first...we made a trip to the Post Office to pick up this package for Miss D. from her E (and Pop, but really Pop probably didn’t know about it). E and Pop are Grandma and Grampa from Maine, named such because when Anna was little that’s what they got named.


She had to exercise patience before diving into her Ice Cream Sundae.dsc_0192dsc_0194



Post Sundae Snackdsc_0202

No party is complete without birthday games. Daisy initiated Daisy in the Middle with her new squeaky bone.


Last but not least, there’s the Big Ask.

In Daisy’s finest British, Tiny Tim accent, she asked politely: Please sir, may your humble servant have the honor of sitting just a moment next to you on the couch? 

To which, the Sir deliberated and finally decided: Yes, Daisy you may have one dignified moment with me on this couch that we’re both going to pretend you didn’t rip to shreds this summer and Chrystal had to recover it. Join me will you? dsc_0211


Dog. Ni. Fied. 


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