Sausage Apple and Onion Kabobs with Balsamic Maple Drizzle


They smelled a amazing. They looked amazing and I don’t eat pork. The one time in a forever amount of years that I’ve been remotely jealous of pork eating folks. But, nonetheless, Jeremy and Kaitlyn eat it and this recipe was a winner from the get-go. I based it on Food Network’s 50 Way to Use Apples.

This box of apples that were given to us..


….turned into  Apple Chips, freezer apples, and Sausage Apple and Onion Kabobs.


Balsamic Vinegar

Pure Maple Syrup

2 medium apples (four are pictured, but I ended up using only two.)

1 onion

one link of sausage (we have spicy on hand, but you could use any flavor you like.)

To Do:

Step 1. To 1/3 cup maple syrup add 1/2 tsp balsamic vinegar. Mix well.



Step 2. Quarter the apples,then cut those pieces in half. Cut the onions in large…

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