Homemade Onion Rings-Recipe

My girls were all but begging me to place a random order at one of the local pizza shops for onion rings the other day. I told them I wouldn’t order them, but I’d make them. I used this recipe from All Recipes for Beer Battered Fish for the batter. (This is the same recipe we use for our Fish and Chips)

The actual making of the onion rings is super simple and easy.


For Batter:

1 Cup Flour (I used GF all-purpose flour)

1 Cup Milk, plus 1/4 cup extra

1 egg

1 tsp baking powder

For Onions: 

3 large onions, slice about 1/2 inch thick against their grain, so to make rings



5 cups Olive Oil

Salt, for sprinkling

Paper Towels


To Do: 

  1. Make Batter. Mix all ingredients until well blended. You may need to add more milk a little at a time in order to get the batter thinner to dip the onions in.
  2. Place olive oil in large but shallow frying pan and heat on Medium
  3. Meanwhile, slice onions and separate into rings.
  4. Test oil readiness. Drop a small bit of batter into oil. If oil begins to bubble and fry the oil is ready. If it doesn’t bubble yet, wait until it does before placing onion rings in for frying.
  5. When oil is ready begin to batter onion rings.
  6. One at a time place onion slice into batter until it is well coated. Drip excess batter into bowl before placing onion into oil.
  7. Place battered onion into hot oil.
  8. When batter is golden brown on one side of onion ring, use tongs and flip.
  9. When both sides are gold brown remove from oil and place on plate covered by paper towel.
  10. Sprinkle with salt.




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