White Beans Sausage and Kale

Months ago I decided to stock up on dried beans. I guess I thought I was going to make baked beans from scratch once a week or something. So far I’ve made them twice. One was definitely a trial run. The other wasn’t too bad. I’ve made chili a couple of times and it has turned out well. But then I gave up and am now left with lots of beans in our canning pantry.

Wanting to be a good steward of our provisions I’ve been searching the internet, okay really just Pinterest, to find recipes using white beans. I found this one for White Beans Sausage and Spinach from 2012 and made it our own, using what we had on hand.

We were given a deer recently.

An entire deer.

A buck to be exact.

Every edible part of said deer was processed and waiting in coolers for our freezer.

A day later another friend gave us some antelope and elk. We are eating a lot of non-cow beef lately. So while I use antelope in this recipe, any kind of sausage would work well. Also, we had kale in the freezer from the garden so I used that instead of spinach.

This isn’t a super quick version if you’re needing a fast meal to put together. If you’ll be soaking your own beans and cooking your own sausage it takes a while. This version was 24 hours in the making from start to finish only because of the beans. However, if you use store bought ingredients (precooked sausage, canned beans and tomatoes, frozen spinach) you could have this done in 30 minutes tops, and likely less time than that. I’m guessing it would stand up well to crockpot cooking all day too.

My Version Ingredients:

2 large links of antelope sausage, cooked until no longer red in middle

3 cups white beans (if using dried beans, make sure they are ready for eating, having been soaked, rinsed and cooked)

2 cups chicken broth (use more if you want it to be more soupy)

2 large handfuls of chopped kale (any green will work)

8 oz. canned tomatoes

3-6 cloves garlic, sliced or crushed

Spices: dash each of onion powder, curry powder, black pepper, oregano

Want more or less of some ingredient? Add or take away! Whatever suits your fancy will work here. 

To Do: 

To a large pot add all ingredients and simmer on low until heated through.

*this recipe makes three-four servings






One comment

  1. This looks great ! I also have made very similar. I must say though I am jealous about the elk and antelope. //www.bobsredmill.com/recipes/how-to-make/vegan-quinoa-chili/ this is another great way to use dried beans. It was a big hit here. It makes a lot and freezes well.


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