This week in The Kitchen

We’ve loved being in the kitchen this week….lots of good, warm, homecooked eats. We’ve all been some version of not feeling well, so this has been a great comfort food week. Here are a few pictures with recipe links. I can’t take credit for all of these. Why reinvent the wheel right? Here’s hoping you’ll find some inspiration!

White Bean Sausage and Spinach  I based ours off this recipe found from the dark ages of the internet, and used antelope sausage, homegrown and processed kale and tomatoes, and dried white beans I soaked myself.  


Vanilla Biscotti        Interesting fact: Biscotti is the plural form of Biscotto. As in: “Yes, please, I’d like one vanilla biscotto.” OR “Yes, please, I’d like 3 vanilla biscotti.” dsc_0215

Chicken and Fruit Salad (minus the nuts this time…and using apples instead of grapes)


Peach Scones I used homecanned peaches for these and substituted the butter for applesaucedsc_0213

And my fave of the entire week: Yuenglings Vanilla Ice Cream topped with banana slices, Kind Blueberry Granola and maple syrup. Come on…it’s as good as a breakfast! dsc_0206


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