Holy Rest

I’m quite convinced that God wants to strip us of busy and impart us with holy. Holy rest. Holy relationship. Holy intention. Holy listening. Holy words. Rest must be intentional,otherwise it becomes one of those things that we do “later” when everything else is done. If there’s one thing I’ve struggled to learn is that rest, true rest, comes at the expense of other things. However, in that rest, our minds and souls are renewed, reminding us what we’re made of. When “stuff” is stripped away, when our focus can remain on the important, is when God gently speaks to us, and we are at the place where we can hear His still small voice. Rest is Holy..it is set apart.It’s more than the physical act of sleeping. It’s turning off the need to constantly be moving, planning, seeking, doing.

Holy Rest is practicing the art of contentment. It’s saying no to some and yes to others. It’s living slowly and wisely. It’s refusing to compare myself to others. It’s taking time to admire. It’s taking time to be still, settling our bodies as well as our minds and souls. Holy Rest is getting reacquainted with ourselves and spending time loving those we love. Holy rest cuts out the busy.

Holy Rest is a switch from frantic to peace. It’s choosing peace and grace over everything else. It’s a decision of the being.

The consequences of Holy Rest are carefully chosen words, the ability to hear God’s voice, a giving over of the should haves and must dos.Yes and no are said with confidence rather than concern.

Holy Rest restores, reveals, renews.

Holy Rest says, “Yes! Please, sit and visit.” It says,”Tell me about your thoughts, your day, your joys and your sorrows.” It says, “Let’s sit together and not let the moment end.” It says,”You are most important.”

Holy Rest puts down temporal objects and objectives and accepts, with arms wide, the eternal here and now.

We have taken a Holy Rest for the past few weeks. School has been done on the couch. Joy has been the aim. Lazy nights at home have been frequent. Company has been invited. Peace has been evident. We’ve practiced slow living. We have been blessed with fresh words from the Father and new vision for the future.

As Exodus 33:14 says: And He said, “My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest.”  God’s presence and rest go hand in hand. Where one is we will find the other.


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