8 Ways to Attract Birds throughout the Winter Months

We have a sliding glass double door that leads to our deck and back yard. During the winter months we love to see the different birds that find their way to within viewing distance of our doors. No binoculars are needed since often they come right up on the deck and eat the seed we leave for them.

We have typical backyard birds like Finches, Tufted Titmice, Blue Jays, Cardinals,  Dark Eyed Juncos, Nuthatches, Sparros and Red Winged Black Birds. We even had a couple of Mourning Doves on the deck last week. We’ve seen them in the adjoining land, but never so close.

Once in a while we’ll get a woodpecker near the house, though they never come onto the deck that we know of.

We love feeding birds and watching them interact with each other. We’re listing 8 easy ways to attract birds to your backyard during the winter months. Have fun!

  1. Leaving oranges cut in half outside is said to attract Orioles. We’ve tried it but I can’t say it works for certain. I left orange and grapefruit halves on the deck rail last week. So far 1 grapefruit half and both oranges are gone, but no Oriole.:)
  2. Make this homemade bird feeder.
  3. OR make a messy, but fun bird feeder using a Pine Cone, string and peanut butter. Tie the string to the pine cone, lather on the peanut butter and roll the whole thing in bird seed. Let it dry for a few minutes and hang it outside.
  4. Keep birdseed in your bird baths. Water will freeze, but with bird seed in them they can eat through the winter.
  5. But don’t forget! Birds still need water. Keeping a bird bath with non-frozen water in it as much as possible (weather pending) or buying a heated bird bath will give the birds some fresh water.
  6. Spare evergreen cuttings or discarded Christmas trees act as a good shelter for birds.
  7. Keep your bird houses well stocked with seed.
  8. Toss leftover nuts and bread, dry cereal or crumbs, or dried corn/corn cobs outside. This will likely attract other wildlife too.

If you’re buying seed, make sure to check birdseed before purchasing. Different seed combinations will attract different birds.  Here’s a good article on what seeds will attracts different birds.

There are many websites for learning about birds. One of our faves is the National Audobon Society.

And if you’re a bird lover and life long learner, regardless of your age, you’ll like the Great Backyard Bird Count: a project for many people to add what birds are found in their backyard!

Cover photo courtesy of MotherNatureNetwork.com


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