Easy Christmas Cookies-Church Windows

Someone in our family has been making these cookies since I can remember…Gram, Mom, myself…they always get made during the holidays. They are so easy, take very few ingredients, time or skill.

Church Windows…they are sometimes called Cathedral Windows. (depending on your religion? ūüėČ I don’t know, but whatever you might call them they are marshmallow, chocolatley bubbles of goodness.

If you need a quick addition to cookie gifts, get-togethers or just plain old want to make something new this is a good go-to recipe. Really, they take about 20 minutes tops plus chilaxin’ time in the refrigerator or freezer. Time in which you can paint your nails or catch the news or sleep. Either way. They are perfect for making ahead of time and storing in the freezer.

I made two batches of these today. One with the traditional colored marshmallows and one with white marshmallows since we are a Dye Free Family. 


1-10 oz. pkg chocolate chips

1-10 oz. pkg marshmallows (colored or white)

1 stick(1/2 cup) butter

1- 7 oz package sweetened coconut flakes

Parchment or wax paper, tinfoil

*This recipe makes two logs.

*Before making the cookie batter, lay a piece of parchment or wax paper, approximately 18 inches long, ¬†on the counter or table. If your paper is like mine you’ll need to put weights in the corners to hold it down. Sprinkle half the coconut (3.5 oz) over the paper.

To Do:

1. Melt chocolate chips and butter in medium to  large kettle on LOW heat or in a double boiler.


2. Stir until completely melted and very smooth. Get all of the lumps out that insist on sticking together. dsc_0002

3. When chocolate and butter is melted together and smooth remove from heat. ¬†Let cool about 5 minutes. Unlike I clearly didn’t do in this picture. red burner…Add 1 bag of marshmallows.dsc_0003

4. Mix marshmallows and chocolate together, making sure to get all of the marshmallows wrapped up snuggly into the chocolate. Marshmallows shouldn’t begin melting. ¬†dsc_0004

5. ¬†Using a large mixing spoon scoop spoonfuls of mixture onto the coconut covered parchment paper, lengthwise. Hello Magnesium and phone charger pack…dsc_0007

6. Using Paper as your helper, begin to fold the edges into each other so the chocolate mixture becomes a log shape. Wrap the ends together to enclose the mixture. Place in the freezer or refrigerator until hardened. At least an hour but longer is better.

7. Remove the paper and slice.


Because the following picture sums up my day today (minus the sitting around in my undergarments thing)….


the colored ones came out like a squished roll gasping¬†to get air back into it’s lungs. Not. Pretty. In a perfect world they are perfectly round and perfectly perfect.


But the white marshmallowed ones came out just like they should have. dsc_0014dsc_0017

Happy non-baking!


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