Christmas Fairy House

My dad made me this little house two years ago. It stands about 3 feet tall. It has weathered summers, springs and falls complete with rain, wind, heat, and cold. It spends most of it’s days outside on our deck. In the winter though, it finds itself inside in warmer temperatures. There is a light inside to soften it a bit, but otherwise it’s a stand alone house with no ornamentation to it and the paint is beginning to peel. dsc_0140

BUT! This year as it sat in the corner of our dining room looking all un-Christmasy and I had an idea to make it a decorated Christmas Fairy House.I began Project Christmas Fairy House by trekking outside looking for things to make a tree, a wreath, a snowman, etc. After ten minutes and no real direction I decided to put it aside and not do anything.

Bottom line is that I had very little patience this morning.

But THEN Anna needed to check out something in town and we stopped at our church’s thrift store. Jackpot! Right as you walk in the door, straight ahead was a bin of Christmas items. Each one just 10 cents! 10 CENTS!!! Most of the items below were in the 10 cent bin. The lights looked new, work and were 97 cents. The Christmas tree in the top left of the picture came from another store, but was only 53 cents. All together I spent $2.22. dsc_0141

I decided to add a tall Christmas tree one of the girls made a few years ago to the inside with a couple of the gifts. The wreath and Happy Holidays are attached with tacks. I had to attach the snowman with a nail. Seriously. Dude did not want to stand up. The look on his face says it all.


I tried the lights a few ways on the roof but it was too much. Like the brightest sun glaring off 14 feet of fresh snow and you’re not wearing sunglasses. Blinding.

Since it was just one of those small strands of lights, I decided instead to turn it into sort of a wreath and attach it under the roofline.



I’m happy with my Christmas Fairy House! Now, for the search for Santa can begin.




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