Hostess Gift Ideas

With so many holiday parties coming up in the next few weeks, I thought a post on gifts for the host or hostess would be appropriate. While not every hostess expects a gift, bringing a little thank you gift that acknowledges the host family sends a message of appreciation. Putting together a party is time consuming and letting the host know you see the effort they put in is well worth the effort. 

Below are 20 gift ideas, but I would love to hear some others from you! Gifts that you’ve received or given, homemade or store bought.

Gift Ideas:

A softly scented seasonal candle

Seasonal Hand towels

Small Christmas Dish

A package of seasonal napkins (paper or fabric)

Fresh Fruit and Nut Basket

Cheese and Cracker Basket with a small cutting board (A small cutting board would be lovely by itself as well! I love these state shaped boards.)

Homemade Christmas Cookies or Candy placed on a Giving Plate or in a tin (Check out our recipe for White chocolate with toasted almonds and cranberries drizzled with dark chocolate.)

Homemade scarf, hat and mitten set

Handmade or gourmet cupcakes

Homemade Jams, Jellies, Preserves or Sauces.

A mug or two filled with Christmas Candy

A small pack of locally made or glass bottled sodas

A small box of chocolates

Using these mini-loaf pans, bake a loaf of bread and give it while it’s still warm (yum!)

A Fresh Plant (poinsetta, fern, Christmas Cactuses are all appropriate and seasonally easy to take care of)

Red flowers (Carnation with sprig of green and Baby’s Breath is lovely and simple)

Table top centerpiece

Wreath for the front door

Coffee, tea with honey sticks or hot chocolate

A Christmas Ornament (Check out how to DIY your own ornament!)

Packaging Hostess Gifts

Wrap your Hostess Gift with simple, yet beautiful packaging. A simple yard of burlap or tulle tied around a gift sets it apart. A Christmas bow wrapped on a handle of a mug or the handle of a basket add a bit of glitz. A cute, simple gift box holds things like cupcakes and candy. Bread can be wrapped in cellophane and tied with a piece of twine.

Hostess Gifts shouldn’t be so elaborately wrapped so that it takes time away from the hostess to open it, while he or she should be attending the other guests. The wrapping should keep the gift visible and be a quick token of appreciation.

Some things to remember about gifting

  1. Keep the host or hostess in mind…allergies, preferences (coffee vs. tea, taste, likes vs. dislikes), is the host or hostess married or unmarried?
  2. The gift shouldn’t be so bold or expensive as to take attention away from the host or the party.
  3. Let the gift be heartfelt, something that says you appreciate the efforts of the party.




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