Christmas Shopping Gift Suggestions for Book Lovers


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! My goodness it seems like Christmas this year came really fast. Am I the only one? Thankfully I’m half done our Christmas shopping already..just having my kiddos to shop for. I love love all things Christmas! Joining the throngs of shoppers at midnight makes my heart flutter. Baking cookies, parties, cooking, list writing…I heart it all.

We all love books around The Parsonage but Anna is definitly the resident book.a.hol.ic. Some days it feels like we can’t keep enough books for her! She has written some fantastic book reviews that I’m linking to this post for those of you who know some of your own book.a.hol.ics. and are looking for some great Christmas gifts!

Click HERE for our Book Review Archives by Anna  and click HERE and HERE for a look at my own reading picks!

Don’t forget to check out my own book Choosing Joy: Our Story of Intentional Living After Pregnancy Loss. 

There are Amazon affiliate links in each of these book review posts. 

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