Where Two Hearts Meet by Liz Johnson

Where Two Hearts Meet is a nice, cozy read. It’s a spend-the-day-on-the-couch-with-hot-chocolate-and-two-amazing-characters book. It’s not really fast paced, but not slow either. I read the first one, Red Door Inn, and loved it. This one was just as good with just as good characters.


Caden Holt is the chef at Prince Edward Islands’s Red Door Inn. In her kitchen, where she doesn’t talk to the guests, she’s comfortable. Out there, not so much. Her boss, Marie(from Red Door Inn), asks her to show a reporter around the island. She doesn’t want to.

However, the Inn is in trouble. Without this article, it won’t survive. She doesn’t have a choice.

Adam Jacobs is a reporter. He was sent here on a forced sabbatical. He was also sent here to do a article. Then, he meets Caden.

Throughout this book, I kept coming back to the same theme: learning to let go of the past and turn towards the future. The character’s learned how to forgive and let themselves be loved.

When I reviewed Red Door Inn, my mom said, ” Liz Johnson’s writing is free flowing and gentle, but strong. So strong. With strong, solid characters who face struggle head on and find healing in each other, faith, family, hard work and community.” This can also be used to sum Where Two Hearts Meet.

I loved this book… I can’t see who wouldn’t.


You can purchase Where Two Hearts Meet on Amazon!

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