DIY Ornaments and a Giveaway!

Three things are in this post that you should know. First, I’m full on excited for Christmas this year. Secondly, if you keep reading you’ll find a tutorial on making your own ornaments. Lastly, read ALL the way down to the bottom for details on a giveaway!

First, I am particularly excited about Christmas this year. I’m not sure what sets this year apart from any other year, but I’m full on looking forward to it. I’ve got ornaments in the works, shopping done except for the girls and Jeremy and a Pajamas and Pancakes Christmas Party planned for the Ladies at church. Kaitlyn and Jeremy are busy with rehearsals for the Community Choir Christmas Concert and our second annual Church Board Party here at The Parsonage menu is complete. I’m toying with the idea of decorating before Thanksgiving…..but I won’t. But I might. But I don’t think I will. Who knows….

Secondly, I’m hosting a sort of tutorial here so you can make these wooden ornaments for yourself this year.

I really wanted to do something homemade for Christmas this year to give as gifts. I found an example of these on Pinterest, though I can’t remember exactly where but I loved the idea from the start. Jeremy cut some rounds for me to start on and then I needed more and more, so we ditched the cutting by hand with our camp saw and went to a friend’s workshop to use his fixed table saw.

Each ornament is approx. 2 inches in diameter and about 1/2 inch in thickness, cut from branches in our backyard.  I used Chalk Board Paint for the background colors and craft paint for the snowmen. Once dried they are sealed with a chalkboard paint clear sealer (all of these were bought at Walmart). The looped screws are 1/32′–very, very small, found at the hardware store. I used twine as the hanger.

I love the natural beauty in these. I painted on them, but knowing they came from the earth, are earth friendly (we didn’t chop down any trees we simply used fallen branches) and hand-painted makes my heart happy and satisfied.

How to Make Your OWN DIY Ornaments:  

  1. Have all of your supplies ready- paints, brushes, paper towel, paper plate or pallete for paints , loop screws, twine and drill (hand or electric) and drill bit. (We used a 1/16 inch bit and 1/32 loop screws, but for a larger round you would need bigger loop screws and bit. I used a crafters hand drill for a few of them, but it was slow going so we decided to use an electric drill.)
  2. Cut a branch about 1/2 inch in thickness, but really any diameter you like.
  3. Dry dust any particles from surfaces.
  4. Plan your artwork…snowmen, words, snowflakes, etc, and were it will be on the wood chip. Will it be in the middle or as my snowmen are, sitting on the “ground”?
  5. Paint the surface of one side of the wood round, leaving a boundary between the edge of the painted background and the very edge of the wood round.
  6. Let dry.
  7. Paint your snowman, snowflake or words.
  8. Let dry.
  9. Coat with a clear sealer.
  10. Let dry.
  11. Drill hole on the top, through the bark and insert screw loop. Tighten.
  12. Add a strand of Twine, approx. 4 inches. Tie off twine at the top for hanging.

You might choose to write words instead of a picture. I wrote Joy on this blue one below. I really like it, but decided on making more snowman. I do, though, want to experiment with some other designs when all of the snowmen are done that I need for this year. christmas-ornaments

Maybe you don’t have time, resources or gusto to make these so I want to offer two ways you can still have them!

I am selling these ornaments for $1.00 per ornament; $5.00 for 6 ornaments; $10.00 for 12 ornaments; or $15.00 for a 4ft. Garland. You can pick the color…red, green, light blue, natural, or a snowman face. I will ship them please just add $4.00 to the cost.  I’m not set up with PayPal so check, money order or cash is fine. If you are interested in purchasing some ornaments please email us at thesmallwoodparsonge @ gmail dot com with “Christmas ornaments order” in the subject line and we can swap addresses. US addresses only please. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

EVEN better than buying them is…..FREE!

We want to give away a set of 12 ornaments in the color of your choosing! (light blue, red, green, natural or snowman face only). 

To enter the contest simply answer the question:

What is your favorite Christmas morning tradition?

The giveaway will end on Friday, November 19th at 9:00 p.m. US residents only please. My 14 year old will anonymously choose the winner.

Happy Crafting! or Buying! or Winning!

Love, Me.




  1. My favorite morning Christmas tradition is having a quiet coffee in the morning before tiptoeing upstairs to wake up my children so they can open their presents.


  2. I wish I had thought of this after Hurricane Matthew. It would be a great “souvenir” for the year.
    My favorite Christmas morning memory is really our neighbors’ memories. We used to make cinnamon rolls and go caroling on christmas eve. Many of our neigh or said having Dawson rolls on Christmas morning was one of their favorite traditions.


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