Meal Plan 11/6-11/12


Breakfast-nothing at home vs. donuts at church. Guess who won?

Lunch-Jeremy and I had a lunch date; Girls ate at church with friends

Dinner-each man for himself



Brunch- Jeremy was away at a meeting so the girls and I had a GF Waffles brunch

Dinner-Tator Tot Casserole


Breakfast-eggs and fruit

Lunch-leftover casserole

Dinner- Copy Cat Chic-Fil-A Market Salad with Apple Cider Vinaigrette


Breakfast-each person for himself


Dinner-Well, mom had a massage during the dinner prep hour so…….


Breakfast-fruit and crackers

Lunch-Snack plates (carrots, grapes, pretzels w/hummus, granola and yogurt, peaches)

Dinner-Shepherd’s Pie


Breakfast-Eggs and Sausage

Lunch-Pasta and sauce

Dinner-Breakfast(pancakes, eggs and potatoes)


Breakfast- eggs and sausage or rice

Lunch/Dinner-the girls were invited to spend the Day at Hershey Park today with friends so Jeremy and I are on our own…lunch is every man for himself and Dinner will be Baked Haddock, potatoes and a green veggie.

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