More Freebies…

We received a Cozy Box from Influenster this week with a lot of goodies in it! It included a package of Simple Brand Cleansing Facial Wipes, 2 Pens and a tube of Super Stay 24 lipstick. It also included a coupon for a free Daisy Sour Cream and Free Country Crock butter spread, among a couple of recipe cards and some Ebates information.

Can’t wait to use my freebies!

I have used Simple products before and they really work well. They clean well and quickly. They dry fast and don’t dry your face out. I really like Simple products and would not hesitate top buy them at any time (and I often do).

The lip gloss is RED!  I don’t often wear red anything…like ever…but I gave it a try and wow was it red. A bit too much for my very light complexion. It’s named 24 for a great reason. After I wiped it off it stayed. And stayed. And stayed. It is dual lip gloss with a clear coat on one end of the tube and red on the other. I liked the clear, but probably wouldn’t buy the product. The red gloss went on very liquidy and it was hard to control where it landed because it was so fluid.

The pens…well, one can never have enough new pens. Actually you can, but I love how new pens write. These pens, a red and blue Frixion Clicker, erasable from Pilot, are comfortable to hold. They write well, though not deeply. (think of a deep ink color vs. a more markerish type color). I would use these for small projects but not anything lengthy like letter writing. Also…interestingly, they are erasable pens, which is nice for correcting mistakes, but not practical for signatures and check signing.   Would I purchase them on my own? Possibly.


If you are a blogger and want to receive free items too click here to sign up for Influenster!

We receive Influenster boxes in return for an honest review.

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