Frugal Friday-Fall Decor

I’m posting today about some Frugal Fall Decor. I just love decorating the top of the china cabinet for holidays. I also love using what we already have and things from the earth. For the fall this year I gathered a bunch of things from around the house and our fall bin. I found some gourds at a farm stand and bought a strand of orange lights from Walmart. (cost: $3.44 per strand)

The lantern and flowers are from a wedding we were in last year, the lighted Jack-O-Lantern is something my mom bought for the girls a few years ago.  The star candle was a white elephant gift last year for Christmas. There’s are a couple of ceramic pumpkins I’ve had for year and a cloth pumpkin I purchased two years ago from a craft fair. The large black tray is from a Butler’s Tray Table we’ve had for a number of year and I simply took the tray off the stand. The black horitzonal sign in is something I picked up at another craft fair also a few years ago. You can’t see all of it, but it says “Fall Gatherings”. There is a bundle of Indian Corn onthe far left and gourds to take up the rest of the space. The orange lights are simply woven in and out of the decorations.

With the exception of the Jack-O-Lantern this decor will work all of the fall season and cost under $6.00, with $3.44 of it being the lights which are reusable.

Life can be simple and beautiful all at the same time.

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