A Few Of My Favorite October Things

I really love the month of  November. It’s almost as if on November 1st my world just takes a big breath and lets it out slowly. It gets a chance to breathe before the Christmas rush sets in and enjoy the colors, the cooling air , the downtime. October was extremely busy for us, some good, some bad, but all of it kept us very, very busy.

I’m reflecting this morning on October and some of my favorite things.

  1. Baked Pumpkin Oatmeal with Cream Cheese Filling-seriously I can. not. get enough of this. I made it again this morning (and yesterday…a maybe a couple of other days in the last two weeks) despite the fact that the girls don’t eat it and I’m pretty sure Jeremy is sick of it. baked-pumpkin-2
  2. These Fall Mason Jar Crafts the girls made at a ladies night at church. They are great candle holders on the table. dsc_0346
  3. Sleeping with the window open at night…lots of blankets and a chill in the air make this mama happy.
  4. Speaking of sleep…five hour naps make me very happy.
  5. These Christmas Ornaments that I’m working on.christmas-ornaments
  6. This tree in my parent’s back yard. There’s nothing like fall in New England.dad-mom-fall-tree
  7. This face.daisy-face
  8. This Halloween Night Tradition of making pizza out of Thomas’ English Muffins.english-muffin-pizzas
  9. Fall Hikes.
  10. This Stick Figure Trick or Treater.kb-stick-figure
  11. and her owl pumpkin…kb-owl-pumpkin
  12. Weddings….one we attended, one Jeremy officiated.
  13. Late night runs to Dunkin Donuts.
  14. Prayer-answered prayer, prayer services, prayer as a journey, prayer as a community.
  15. Breakfast with a friend. Coffee with another.
  16. Sending two copies of Choosing Joy to contest winners from Leaving a Legacy. (Check out our guest post on budgeting)
  17. This mornings’ walk-it’s November, but since it’s on today’s post I figured it counted. morning-walk
  18. This Sandi Patti Farewell Concert I went to by myself. sandi-patti-concert
  19. Date Nights.
  20. Gift cards.
  21. Pastor’s Appreciation Sunday.
  22. Family Karaoke Night. dsc_0335
  23. Walks in the woods.
  24. These kidsgirls-jumping-wdc

Happy November!

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