Another Day Another Dali Book Review by Sandra Orchard


Another Day Another Dali is very well written by Sandra Orchard. It’s the sequel to A Fool & His Monet, a book I reviewed earlier in the spring. In this book, we get to follow FBI Special Agent Serena Jones as she solves another mystery.

Here is the summary:

Another piece of art has been stolen and Serena Jones is on the trail! Serena’s grandmother’s friend’s original Dali, a very popular and old piece of art, was switched out for a copy.

Serena starts with a very small list of clues… with a very big list of suspects. But she doesn’t give up. She will face the hardest days face on.

Her suspects and how they are related to the owner of the Dali makes solving this case very hard… Both professionally and personally.

Serena ends up calling her colleague and good friend, Tanner Calhoun, into help. He is working on a really dicey case too. The guys he is after start going after Serena, and she is in even more danger. When Tanner’s clues and Serena’s clues start to overlap.

This book shows the importance of not believing what is on the surface is always the truth. Sometimes you have to dig deeper to get to the real truth, just like Serena learned.

Anyone who likes slower mysteries that still keep you turning the pages, anyone who likes romance, and getting to the bottom of things will like this book. Serena also has a quiet strength about her. She doesn’t directly depend on anyone. I love that.

I enjoyed reading this book. I wished I had more time to read it. Every time I put it down, all I could do is think about it and what was happening. This was an awesome book, and I can’t wait to see what Serena gets herself into next!


You can purchase Another Day Another Dali here on Amazon. Disclosure: I received this book in return for my honest review.

*We will make a small percentage in return for your purchase from Amazon. It cost you nothing more than the purchase of the book. 

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