Craft and Coffee Night

Looking for an easy, fun and comfortable NO PRESSURE ladies night for your church? This is it. Craft and Coffee Night.

It’s nice to host an event that is a lot of hands off, relaxing and cozy. Fall is a perfect time for that. I found these mason jar pumpkins and apples on Pinterest and knew we had to make them.

I provided the jars (because, hello, I have 4,9837,3023754,304950 of them in the garage) and everyone brought a snack to share. Women’s Ministry events don’t have to be expensive or super involved. Sometimes it’s nice to simply have a space to relax, chat, drink something hot and eat something you didn’t make. Kaitlyn helped me so much with this night that she really should get credit for doing it.

Budget Breakdown:

Jars and rings, most seals: FREE. If you don’t have any amount of extra jars check out thrift stores, use non-canning jars (anything would work) or have the ladies bring their own jars and lids.

Supplies: 2 bottles Red Paint, 2 bottles orange paint, 1 bottle yellow paint, 1 bottle green paint, 1 bottle brown paint; 6 peices card stock (3 green, 3 brown): foam paint brushes, craft glue, white or clear spray primer: about 60$ (Women’s Ministry Budget)  I also had to buy $5 worth of seals

Acorns and sticks: FREE from the backyard.

Cider: 20$ (My Budget, because hello…you need cider in the fall)

Drinks and Snacks: Each lady brought a snack to share. Drinks (except for cider) were already at the church-hot chocolate, tea, coffee, water and soda. FREE I forgot to get a picture of the snack table. We had all kinds of yummies. Apple Caramel cupcakes, donuts, cake, candies. I made these Sweet Potato Muffins with Brown Sugar Glaze.

Set up:

Each work table (set up for 6 women) was covered with a plastic table cloth and had a plate of red paint, a plate of orange paint, a plate with brown paint and green paint, two paintbrushes per plate of paint, a roll of paper towels, 2 pencils, 6 empty plates

The supply table had primed jars, stems, acorns, and extra supplies

The snack table had fall centerpieces (church owned), nice table cloths (church owned) and snacks.

Schedule: 6:30 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

  1. Play Fall version of Would You Rather*
  2. Prayer
  3. Instructions for the night
  4. Instructions for craft
  5. Rest of the night is casual, come and go, get to know each other.

Time Spent: 3 hours prep, 2 hours for event (including clean up)

To Do Ahead of time: 

  1. Prime jars with spray prime, let dry.(do this the day before)
  2. Cut small tree branch into 1-2 inch lengths
  3. Collect acorns
  4. Cut half of green and brown card stock into leaf shapes. Cut the other half into strips 1/4 inch wide and 6-8 inches long.
  5. Make two examples-one apple, one pumpkin.

To Make Pumpkins:

  1. Paint lid/seal brown. Let dry.
  2. Paint jar orange.Let dry.
  3. Gather two brown leaves, one strip of brown card stock and one stem
  4. To make vine, wrap strip brown of card stock tightly around a pencil and hold for about 30 seconds.
  5. Glue leaves and vine to dried lid.
  6. Glue stem.
  7. Attach lid to top of jar.

To Make Apples:

  1. Paint lid/seal green. Let dry.
  2. Paint jar red.Let dry.
  3. Gather two green leaves, one strip of green card stock and one stem.
  4. To make vine, wrap strip green of card stock tightly around a pencil and hold for about 30 seconds.
  5. Glue leaves and vine to dried lid.
  6. Glue stem.
  7. Attach lid to top of jar.

Add a tealight in the jar or fill with candy and it’s an instant fall decoration.

Fall Version of Would You Rather: Simply come up with 20-25 fall comparisons and ask the ladies to shout out their answers.

Examples might be:

Pumpkin Spice vs. Apple Cinnamon

Sweater vs. jacket

Football vs. Soccer

Hot Chocolate vs. Hot Cider

Candy  Corn vs. Anything

Apple Pie vs. Pumpkin Pie

Corn Stalks vs. Scarecrows

Chilly Evening Walks vs. Snuggles by the fire place

Thanksgiving vs. Halloween

Pumpkins vs. Apples

We use Kaitlyn’s Charlie Brown Inspired Pumpkin jar along with Anna’s Apple and another pumpkin jar with tealights in them as a centerpiece for the kitchen table.




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