All Before The Sun Came Up

After being pretty convinced I was playing chess on top of a trash can with a boy I had just met, who was about 12 years old, in an overcrowded hospital waiting room and having already made the rounds of the hospital to get there, in what seemed more like a maze than a hospital with my husband who knew exactly where to go, and being pretty sure I was with someone else waiting for a bone scan while also eating cheese and attending a church service (all in said waiting room) behind a closed black curtain-I woke up to what became a frantic few minutes worth of a mad dash to throw some proper clothes on  and put my hair in a pony tail in order to meet Melanie outside for our morning walk at 6:30.

7:00: I asked my very contented, reading in his recliner and drinking coffee pajama wearing husband: “Honey I know you don’t want to do this, but we need to plant those plants this morning. Can you help?” And by help I mean “I’ll put them where I want them and you do all the work.”

At 7:05 I sat down on the couch in my favorite spots to pick up my devotions for the day. After reading parts of it twice over I’m pretty sure there are better times of the day to do my devotions. I still can’t tell you what it said. So I tried reading the scripture that goes along with it. That made more sense (Galatians 1), so feeling good about myself I promptly nudged the dog a good morning (she had finally calmed down from watching me walk outside withOUT her, caring not that Jeremy was inside and available for petting and feeding her.) and laid my head down to pray. Jeremy had taken off down the hall, to which I assumed meant he was getting ready to head to the office.

7:10: “Can you show me where you want those plants?” He asked coming back down thehall.


7:15: Feeling like grave diggers in a creepy old movie we made our way to the front flower garden and I put my plants where I wanted them so he’d know. And he started digging.

“You have to pick them up so I can dig the hole.”


“We need to pull this entire weed control cover back.”


That one needs to be deeper. And back further.

“I can’t go back further. It’s under the eaves and the rain won’t get it.”


6 plants later the garden will look lovely come this spring.

I feel like a grave digger. (even though I didn’t even touch the shovel)

“Yeah. All this before the sun came up.”

The sun isn’t up yet?


7:30 The sun really isn’t up yet?

“Nope.It’s just coming up now.”

Huh. I thought it was just cloudy. (clearly I’m not a morning person).

This picture has nothing to do with this post, but isn’t she a happy girl??:)



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