Sweet Potato Muffins with Brown Sugar Glaze

I feel like Potato should have an ‘e’ at the end.

Not important. But true. You know?

I had about 4 very small sweet potatoes left in the crisper drawer and wanted to find a good recipe for sweet potato muffins. I made sweet potato muffins a couple of years ago that came out very sugary, dense and heavy. They tasted good, but not good enough to NEED. I put my sweet potato muffins cravings somewhere in the back of the fridge and they didn’t come back again until just recently. I searched online for a different recipe and came across these Rachael Ray muffins.  If you’ve never googled ‘Sweet Potato Muffins’ there are a surprising amount of them to choose from. I’m glad I landed upon this recipe. So much less sweet than my last attempt, with a good, pleasant, not overbearing  sweet potato flavor. These muffins are light, spongy and full on good.

I made the recipe in a mini-muffin pan, which made a LOT of muffins, and took them to a Ladies Craft Night at church.

This recipe uses only one cup of mashed sweet potato, which means it’s a great use of leftovers!

They needed a little something extra so I made a Brown Sugar Glaze and it was the perfect topping. Not too sweet, not too un-sweet.

Sweet Potato Muffin Recipe-Please head over to Rachel Ray’s website to use her recipe…I can take no credit for it. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

Brown Sugar Glaze Recipe– Melt 1 Cup Brown Sugar, 2 tbsp butter. Mix. Slowly add milk by the tablespoon, continuing to stir, until a consistent thin glaze forms.

To Do: After muffins are completely cooled, hold by the bottom and dip tops into glaze. Replace onto cooling rack until glaze hardens. DSC_0307.JPG


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