#NationalDessertDay-12 Dessert Recipes to Choose From!

Well, well,well. It’s National Dessert Day. I don’t know who comes up with all of these National whatever days, but sir or madam: thank you! Now we have a legit reason to eat something dessert-y. It’s our National Duty. For your celebratory-ness and patriotic-ness here’s a list of 12 desserts for you to choose from.… Read More #NationalDessertDay-12 Dessert Recipes to Choose From!

Frugal Friday-Five Fave Frugal Websites

There are a gazillion and one frugal websites out there…simply google “frugal” “frugal lifestyle” “frugal living” “living on a budget”, Even things like “homesteading”, “living simply”, “DIY” and “stockpiling” tag words will bring up a plethora of sites to choose from. There are frugal travel sites, frugal shopping sites, frugal anything. Google is a wealth… Read More Frugal Friday-Five Fave Frugal Websites