Alaskan Courage series by Dani Pettrey-book review

I just got done reading the Alaskan Courage series by Dani Pettrey. I had the first book, Submerged, sitting on my shelf for about a year because I had other books on my to-read list before it. Two weeks ago on a Friday night, I took a look at my shelf and thought that would be a fun read. So I started…

It was done by the time I went to sleep on Saturday…

Now both Mom and I have the whole series finished, five books total, after ordering three of them online and waiting for them to get here.

Very, very, very good series.

Submerged(first book)-                                                                                                                                  Bailey Craig has a past that is not easy to forget, for her or anyone else. That is why she promised herself never to set foot in Yancey, Alaska, again. When her aunt gets killed in a plane crash, she has to go back to her hometown again, her first time in more than 10 years. Cole Mckenna, the oldest Mckenna sibling, hasn’t been able to forget Bailey since she left, even after she broke his heart. When something doesn’t feel right about the crash, Bailey and Cole will have to push aside the past full of hurt and work together. Together they will have to get to the bottom, and that will mean danger.. and maybe being brokenhearted all over again.

This book takes you into Russian art history and deep ocean cave diving.

Shattered(second book)                                                                                                                              Piper Mckenna, the youngest Mckenna sibling, wakes up to find her big brother Reef(a brother whom she hasn’t seen in years) in her house… covered with blood. When he is accused of committing a crime, which he denies doing, Piper is the only one that will believe him. Landon Grainger, longtime family friend of the Mckenna family, will have to make a decision, stay with his duties as a deputy and investigate the crime(which will mean going against Piper) or honoring his family by stepping down from the case. Either way, Piper and Landon will go on the adventure of their lives.

This book takes you into the world of extreme winter sports.

Stranded(third book)-                                                                                                                                    Darcy St. Jame’s friend calls her back into a case. A kind of case that Darcy hasn’t worked on in years. A kind of case she loves, and on a cruise, will give her the perfect chance to forget about Gage Mckenna. Gage Mckenna signed up to run excursions to hope to forget about Darcy St. James, only to realize he is on the same ship that she is. The day after they board, Darcy’s friend disappears. As the case gets much deeper than she realized, with much more danger, Gage will have to keep an eye on her against his wishes. Darcy gets on Gage’s nerves, which is the last thing he needs right now as he is works through some things of the past. They will both have to put things from past and present to solve this case, together.

This book takes us on a cruise ships, adventure excursions and gives us a look into the issue of human trafficking.

Silenced (fourth book)-                                                                                                                                  Kayden Mckenna loves extreme rock climbing. When she comes across a dead man one day, her life changes forever. Then she is paired up with Jake Westin, the same Jake Westin that she has been suspicious of for years-she just can’t figure out why he is so secretive-to solve the case. With his past now revealed, Jake is hoping Kayden will treat him better. Together, they start unraveling this case piece by piece. But someone is threatening Kayden along the way. For the first time in a while, she is forced to depend on someone other than herself. In the end, Jake will have to fight even harder to save another woman he loves… again.

This book takes you into the rock climbing community.

Sabotaged (fifth book)-                                                                                                                                Reef Mckenna has finally realized that he needs to change his lifestyle. For the first time in his life, he wants to be there for the people he loves. Kirra Jacobs has had a rough few years. It doesn’t help when her cousin is kidnapped, only to be returned if and when her uncle does a very dangerous job. Kirra has to find Meg, her cousin, before her uncle completes his job, by the end of the Iditarod race. Reef, refusing to leave her alone, helps her to find Meg. They’ve known each other all of their lives, but have never gotten along. Both of them had the wrong picture of the other. Now, spending time with each other, they both get to know each other for real. They both learn lessons for the first time as they go on this adventure together.

This book takes takes us on an Iditarod race.

This series is full of love, forgiveness, patience, trust, second chances, history, family, adventure.

The way Dani Pettrey develops her characters is very unique. All of her characters are strong, but her female characters are especially strong. In this series, the women are physically strong and can handle everything and anything. They don’t have any trouble keeping up with any male character at anytime. But they are also gentle, loving, patient.

Each character in this series has something special and unique that works only for them. They have their own thing that they specialize in. Each character has their own place in their family, whether it’s leading and making decisions or adding a little fun to stressful situations. The Mckenna family would not be the same without all of them. Even though each book focuses on a different sibling, the whole family is in all the books. Everything the Mckenna family does, they do together.

Pettrey also adds the sibling bickering that makes every book really, really funny. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud in every book.

Everyone either depends on God or learns to depend on Him throughout whichever adventure they are going on.

The main characters in one  book are always brought into the book before. We get to meet the characters before they are the main characters. I loved knowing each character before I read about them and their adventure.

Dani Pettrey is a very good and unique author. I think about her characters and her books all the time. They have also been in my dreams a few times.

I can’t wait to read more of her books!!


This series was SO good!-Chrystal




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