Fall Cleaning List-10 Easy Things to Refresh Home for Fall

Hearing the words “Cleaning List” generally brings to mind two reactions. 1. “Bleh”..said with disdain and no desire to attempt it or 2. “Okay…let’s do it.”

Though maybe there’s a third option that falls somewhere in the middle. If I’m honest, that’s probably where I fall. Cleaning isn’t my favorite thing to do, but I like the results of cleaning and I function 1 million times better in my day if the house is picked up and the dishes are done. While my heart might be saying “bleh” my head is saying “let’s do this.”

Just like Spring Cleaning happens when the snow starts melting and the backyard birds start returning Fall Cleaning happens when the chill comes back in the air and cheeks start to get rosy.

I don’t know about your house, but over the summer ours starts to pick up a little more grime tracked in from summer play, sand from the beach, sweat from the heat, and dog nose marks all over every window it can reach. Since Fall and Winter lends itself to staying indoors more often it’s nice to have a fresh house. One that’s comfortable and pleasant to dwell in.

I’m listing below a Fall Cleanup Checklist for the inside of the house to be done in a mad dash or extended over weeks.

  1. Closet purging-reorganize, get rid of things no longer used
  2. Go through drawers, reorganize and purge-end tables, coffee tables, dressers
  3. Straighten up family living space-movies, toys, games, bookshelves
  4. Wipe down walls, ceilings and ceiling fans-you’d be surprised how much dust can collect on them.
  5. Deep clean bathrooms-showers/baths, shower curtains, toilets, mirrors, sinks and windows
  6. Tidy Up– check under beds, couches, behind cabinets for all things fallen. You know what I mean..dirty socks, magnets between the fridge and counter, giant balls of dog fur. Oh wait…
  7. Wash curtains, couch cushions
  8. Floors-Carpet Cleaning or floor scrubbing-make sure to get those mop boards too.
  9. Finish unfinished projects
  10. Clean glass surfaces-windows, pictures, mirrors, doors, lights

When you’re finished make some homemade potpourri or burn a new fall scented candle, sit back and enjoy.

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