Nestle Splash-Review

I received this Nestle Splash box from Influenster. It included sunglasses, a grape flavored Nestle Splash flavored water, an inflatable beach ball and a straw-a small reminder that on those warm fall days we don’t have to completely say goodbye to summer!

Kaitlyn took ownership of the sunglasses and the ball (after a few tosses around the deck) made it’s way home to the bin of balls in the garage. It’ll be safe and comfy there through the winter.

I receive these boxes for an honest here’s the honesty. We didn’t care for the grape flavored water. It was a bit sweet for our taste…more like Kool-Aid than water. The sunglasses though were a ginourmous hit…and I think they are camped out in the minivan for future use. And the ball will continue to be used as long as it can be!

You can join Influenster if you have a blog and receive free products in return for your honest review.


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