The Ultimate Fall Family Fun List-100 Things to Do This Fall

We LOVE Fall around The Parsonage! Love as in…move out of the way Summer, Spring and Winter. We love ya, but not quite as much as Fall. Quiet nights in, dinners around the table, pizza in front of the fire place, Charlie Brown tv specials, cookies..they all have a place in The Smallwood’s Family memory bank.

Below is a list of 100 things you can do this fall. Pick one, pick a few, pick them all..but whatever you do remember to just enjoy the season. Cuddle a little longer, eat a little heartier, drink a bit more cider, spend more time around the campfire. Smell the leaves and watch the leaves change. Whatever you do…do it fully.


  1. Attend a Football Game(High School, Little League, College, Professional).
  2. Better yet…become your town’s biggest football fan!
  3. Tailgate! 
  4. Put together a pick-up football game
  5. Visit a Corn Maze
  6. Make a bouquet or wreath made entirely from things found in nature (dried leaves, acorns, worn husks)
  7. Attend a workshop on food preservation, wildlife, hunting, fall craft making
  8. Make a bird feeder 
  9. Check out your local museums or living history centers
  10. Pick Apples…or pumpkins…or pears
  11. Snuggle up under a blanket and read
  12. Host a Friendsgiving
  13. Likely not free or cheap but: Visit New England!
  14. Head out on a fall car ride and buy hot drinks at your local convenience store
  15. Attend a state fair
  16. Explore a new town or village
  17. Visit a Farmer’s Market
  18. Hop on a hay ride
  19. Make Mulled Cider or Home Made Hot Chocolate
  20. Start working on Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box
  21. Thank a teacher with a homemade gift or gift card to her/his favorite coffee shop
  22. Try a new fall inspired recipe
  23. Visit a working farm
  24. Try canning homemade jam
  25. Attend or host a Farm to Table Dinner
  26. Put together a Smores’ Bar
  27. Buy a new fall scented candle
  28. Host a campfire
  29. Spend a day finishing unfinished projects
  30. Buy a new book
  31. Buy a new sweater
  32. Buy a new scarf
  33. Take a Day Trip to a National Park
  34. Make an apple dessert
  35. Organize a neighborhood kickball tournament
  36. Go Horseback Riding
  37. Try cool weather backpacking or camping
  38. Host a game night with family or friends
  39. Bake Fall Cookies
  40. Make Pumpkin Soup
  41. Host or visit a Trunk or Treat
  42. Give out candy to Trick or Treaters
  43. Deliver home baked goodies to the neighbors
  44. Deliver home baked goodies to a local fire house or police station
  45. Make a family day of outside clean up
  46. Inside Fall Cleaning 
  47. Go for  a hike
  48. Have a pumpkin carving day
  49. Visit the local library for story time and crafts
  50. Make one new craft each day
  51. Bake pumpkin bread
  52. Make applesauce
  53. Stay outside when it’s cold…breathe in the air…remember you’re alive and well.
  54. Make your own potpourri
  55. Make your own Halloween Costume
  56. Family Movie night and sleepover in the living room
  57. Visit a local fall festival
  58. Build a scarecrow
  59. Leaf Pile!
  60. Warm Apple Cider in the crockpot and drink it outside
  61. Star gaze
  62. Go for a slow walk, observing life happening around you
  63. Do a nature study
  64. Go on a fall scavenger hunt
  65. Get a new haircut
  66. Go on a fall pumpkin or fall decoration scavenger hunt (both links are free printables)
  67. Learn to track animals
  68. Learn to identify leaves
  69. Bird watch and begin a journal for the next year
  70. Study Monarch Migration Patterns
  71. Attend or host a Harvest or Halloween Party
  72. Learn about Animal or Bird Migrations
  73. Build a Scarecrow Family
  74. Pack a picnic and view some foliage
  75. Make Mason Jar Crafts
  76. Dry flowers or weeds for crafting
  77. Read local Folklore
  78. Spend time with people,visit a new friend
  79. Watch Halloween Specials on television (Charlie Brown!!)
  80. Attend a Homecoming
  81. Decorate your front door with corn stalks, pumpkins and mums
  82. Attend a soccer game
  83. Fall Family Photos
  84. Fall Nature Photos
  85. Go for a family hike or bike ride along a foliage viewing path
  86. Make Apple Dumplings
  87. Make Homemade Caramel
  88. Eat Candy Corn!
  89. Hot Dog Roast over an open fire
  90. Chili Cook Off!
  91. Make Mason Jar Lid Pumpkins
  92. Make Halloween Candy Bark
  93. Serve Apple Nachos
  94. Wander
  95. Smell the air
  96. Enjoy the hazy mornings
  97. Spend a day and shop for corn stalks, pumpkins, and hay bales, eat lunch at a new cafe
  98. Stay outside long enough to become cold…then warm up inside
  99. Wear a flannel shirt
  100. Plant spring bulbs

Enjoy every moment of fall!

Need more ideas? Check out our 30 Days of Fall 2015 posts!

Have more ideas? Leave them in the comments!











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