Summer Wrap Up in Pictures

Fall will technically be here in just a week, but looking out our front window we’re beginning to see hints of color. The leaves are starting to fall and have a solid crunch to them. Pumpkins are visible in roadside stands and the night air is perfect for sleeping. School has started. I loved our summer this year..filled with lots of activity and when not filled, home was filled with lots of nothing. We watched movies, played games, hiked, camped, visited with Jeremy’s family, visited with my family, had a family reunion and wedding vow renewal inĀ Upstate New York, had VBS and summer camps, spent some time in Maine at my parents’ house, celebrated my Gram’s 90th Birthday, Kaitlyn turned 12, Jeremy and I both turned 40, my niece started Kindergarten. We celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary, spent a day at an amusement park, swam, kayaked, visited a miniature horse farm, walked around Kitchen Kettle Village. We watched tv, picnicked, went on a Harbor Cruise, attended a Minor League Game, ate a lot of good food, made some jam and the girls started 7th and 9th grades. It was perfect.


DSC_0968DSC_0008DSC_0964girls hikingDSC_0035dsc_0031dsc_0067Featured Image -- 10945DSC_0150DSC_0226DSC_0674DSC_0690DSC_0558DSC_0859DSC_0846DSC_0485WP_20160527_19_32_19_Prodsc_0956dsc_1413dsc_1454dsc_0417dsc_0451dsc_0521dsc_0622dsc_0631dsc_0002-1

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