Rustic Fruit Pies

Raspberries, Peaches, Pie Dough, Sugar……The only ingredients you need to make these mini-sized rustic fruit pies.

After my early morning walk I headed to the raspberry patch on our property and started picking. Then a giant bumble bee scared me and I screamed. Then the tiny gnat flies started attacking me. Then a spider landed ON MY HAND. Then I was done picking raspberries, took my bowl and went home.

Thankfully I already had some raspberries picked the other day hanging out in the refrigerator ready to be used.

Kaitlyn asked me to make a raspberry pie last week, so I picked up a package of Gluten Free Bob’s Red Mill Pie dough and decided to make some small fruit pies.

First, I prepared the fruit-about 2 cups of fresh raspberries with sugar to taste. (The tasting amount these raspberries was really good, however after they baked we all decided they needed more sugar.) I mixed the sugar in and crushed the berries lightly.dsc_0027

After the raspberries were placed in the dough, I added one medium peach, peeled and sliced, to the raspberry bowl. The taste of both fruits together is sooooooooo good. I added sugar and a pinch of cinnamon. Again, mixing and lightly crushing. dsc_0028

To make the crust I used GF pie crust, but any homemade or store bought pie crust would work fine. I rolled a ball of dough about the size of the palm of my hand into a ball and then patted it flat onto a baking stone.

I made two different designs of pie.

The first way is more of a turnover, or handpie some might call it. To make this one I added a couple of spoonfuls of either raspberries or peaches to one half of the dough and folded over the other half, pinching the edges together. (Kitchen hint….before pinching edges together dip your finger in milk and run it along the crease. It’ll help keep the crust together better.)dsc_0023

Cut a couple of marks in the dough to let the air out and allow proper baking. dsc_0030

For the second design I used the same amount of dough but crimped around the edges, making more a pie shape, placing the berries or peaches inside, allowing for an open top. dsc_0040dsc_0032dsc_0039

One package of Bob’s Red Mill GF Pie crust made seven mini pies (only six are showing), with a tiny bit of dough left over. I cooked all of these at 350 degrees F until the edges browned.dsc_0034


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