Meal Plan 8/21-8/27

Our meal theme this week? Whatever is here is what we eat, plus a few added things to make actual meals. With no peanut butter there is are no PBJs. With no sauce there is no spaghetti with sauce. And why bother with cereal if there is no milk? We had random odds and ends of things in our cupboards that just need pairings. This week’s grocery list consisted of those pairings and lots of produce from the garden and didn’t include a lot of money spent. On Monday we were away for one last summer family fun day and on Wednesday the girls and I spent most of the day visiting family, away from home. Otherwise we’ve been home and enjoying one last week before school starts this coming Wednesday.  Breakfasts consisted mainly of eggs, oatmeal or toast. Lunches were a lot of sandwiches and leftovers, so I’m only listing dinners for this week. Next week, we start our “regular” school year schedule and meals will have a bit more continuity to them.  I can’t wait for Pot Roast with mashed potatoes on a cool fall evening with apple cider….

Monday-Family Fun Day

Tuesday– Hamburgers on the grill, Macaroni Salad and cantaloupe

Wednesday-The girls and I visited family for the day and we had a large lunch. Jeremy ate leftovers. Dinner was every man for himself after church.

Thursday-BBQ Chicken Legs, Baked Squash that I under cooked, and Baked Maple and Thyme Carrots that I forgot about and burned  beyond edible.  We all ate cereal later.

FridaySpaghetti Squash

Saturday Lunch-Garden Veggie Stir Fry

Saturday Dinner-LBE. LBE? Little Bit of Everything. Hot dogs, frozen chicken roll up things, cucumbers and raspberries from the garden, pickles, tunafish, chips and ice cream.

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